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Legal translations – Certification

When the accuracy of the translation is essential

Barbara Cupiti – Studio di servizi linguistici – the language services firm Barbara Cupiti offers legal translation services carried out by native speakers who are experts in this sector characterized by very specific expressions and terms that are often difficult for non-professionals.

Specifically, the Firm produces sworn translations. This type of translation is generally required when the accuracy and precision of the translation is essential for legal purposes or official fields. The translations are sworn at the Registry of the court (or by a notary), in practice the translations are accompanied by a “Oath repot” filled and signed by the translator who certifies and makes his/her work official by taking responsibility, including criminal responsibility, for his/her accuracy. The “certified translation” will therefore consist of a source (original or authenticated) document, the translation and the Oath Report drawn up together. The Public Official stamps the original (or authenticated) document in conjunction with the translation and the Oath Report, and finally places a unique registration number on this latter. From now on, the deed will no longer be divisible. The sworn is subject to stamp duties, the value of which usually amounts to € 16 for every 100-translation lines. The oath in court is essential to give legal value to any translated document that must be presented to a foreign authority or official body. A sworn translation can be requested for a number of types of documents:

  • civil certificates (e.g. birth or wedding certificates)
  • identity documents
  • professional certifications
  • degree certifications,
  • financial and administrative documents
  • contracts
  • patents

Trust our experience and proficiency in the field of sworn translations.

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