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Barbara Cupiti – Studio servizi Linguistici was founded in 2007 to provide translation and teaching service not only in English, French, Italian, but also in other languages, with the help of native speaking colleagues. Over the years the activity has developed, expanding the fields of expertise to study-holiday experience from abroad. The focus is on developing special projects, customized for individuals and companies. The studio boasts national and international clients. We are available for any further information you may need.
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Barbara Cupiti

Barbara Cupiti graduated at a Foreign Language High School in Pisa in 1984, she is fluent in three languages: Italian, French and English, and has many Certifications in Teaching, Translating, Mentoring, as well as Volunteer. Barbara was a partner and Director of a Language Centre in Italy – Tuscany – for five years and it was during this time that she refined her skills in education, training and development. She currently works as a freelance in different fields with private individuals, companies, international organisations and schools, and Italian industrial organisations, giving a “tailored service” unique for a student, a company, or an organisation. Barbara is a member of several professional boards, and works closely with entrepreneurs who share similar goals of improving their international communication. Barbara and her colleagues (teachers and translators) hold each other in high regard as professionals; they respect each other’s talents and have come to understand that they share similar beliefs in regard to teaching languages, translating, combining their skills and shared philosophies. She led a project for the establishment, implementation and management of a tourist promotion office in the area, commissioned by a local Forestry Consortium. She was vice president of the Volunteer Council of her city for 2 terms (5 years); vice president for about 9 years of a voluntary organization of art and culture; she is president of the Twinning Committee of her city. She has edited several publications on the memory of his fellow citizens and collaborated on a census publication of historic trees in the area in which she lives. She loves her family, sports, outdoor life, art, photography and culture, culinary art, animals, travelling, staying with friends.


Translation – As Italian/English/French speaker – translator, she can be your freelance professional of reference for translation. She developed her skills by working for companies of different sizes and sectors and by making her customer understanding how important and difficult it is, in any sector and at any level, to communicate a concept and relate to another culture through the “tool” of the language. Her love of translating in Italian, English and French grew, she searched and still searches for skilled and motivated mother-tongue colleagues for the quality of work and a good “relationship”, are important aspects to get the best result. She has been collaborating for years with colleagues with whom he develops different projects,

Teaching – As Italian/English/French teacher, she can be your freelance professional of reference for language learning. She has always held the belief that if you know something, the best thing to do is to share your knowledge and pass it on to others. Her love of teaching Italian, English and French grew and she insisted on encouraging students of all ages to study a language with the aim of allowing them to learn it in a stress-free environment. Now she works on improving student’s communication skills to enable them to integrate into the inter-global world helping companies and private individuals to communicate with foreign entities. She is always involved to meeting the language level of her students and offer them creative ways not only to speak it but also to experience the rich history and culture from which each language originates. She has been collaborating for years with colleagues with whom he develops different projects, whose goal is the development and cultural training related to the knowledge of languages.

She began her career as a tutor accompanying students of different ages and backgrounds in the study of school subjects, and then went on starting working with adults. She continued her training by following courses on teaching the language to foreigners to improve her knowledge and develop her skills.


Danielle is French mother tongue and she has lived in Tuscany, Italy, since 1984. She worked for 24 years as an employee in the tannery sector. She actively participated as a representative of workers’ associations both in France and in Italy.
Passionate about tourism, she got her tour guide certificate in 2009. She worked as a tour guide for volunteer associations and tourism organizations.

She also attended training sessions on different aspects of business: communication, entrepreneurship, etc. Danielle took part in the constitution and management of a tourism promotion office for the territory, commissioned by a forestry consortium of municipalities in the provinces of Pisa and Florence; She has learnt front office and back-office skills, and the ability to develop activities with others, participating in numerous working groups where the collaboration of different and complementary personalities was necessary.

Danielle was part of the twinning town committee where she lives; she organized and took care of the welcoming and hosting activities, journeys, contacts, relations with local administrative authorities in Italy and abroad.
Her origins on the slopes of the Pyrenees in contact with nature, her experience in Geriatric Hospital in a nearby town, and her life in Italy are on the same thread: people and nature. Linked to its country of origin, she is projected out of it.



Sara was born in the marvellous Tuscan hills area and she has been living and working for about 2 years now in green Ireland. Since she was a child, has always been fascinated by literature and foreign languages, in fact, all her studies are characterized by these elements. After getting her High School Diploma as a Technician in Tourism, in 2012 she obtained a three-year degree in “European Literatures for Publishing and Cultural Production” at the University of Pisa. In 2015 she decided to take the first steps to become a professional freelance translator. In the same year, it came the chance of meeting Barbara and since then a stunning collaboration has started with her and the fantastic team that over the years has been created. Between 2016 and 2017 she attended some English courses in Dublin with the aim of improving her language knowledge. In the same period, she also obtained a Diploma in Translation at the S.S.T.I. of Pescara. In her near future there is the intention to study to become a simultaneous interpreter. In November 2018 she moved to Ireland where she is now working for a small translation agency.