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A professional at your service in person or in remote.

Barbara Cupiti – Studio di servizi linguistici – The language services firm Barbara Cupiti provides mother tongue interpreters with many years of experience in this type of assignment.

It offers the following services:

  • interpreting for official and sector events
  • interpreting for fairs
  • interpreting for conferences, congresses or international conferences
  • interpreting for confidential negotiations
  • interpreting for meetings or company visits

Our professional interpreters will support you in your meetings to better manage, without misunderstandings, your commercial and contractual relationship with your foreign customers, agents, suppliers.

In the previous days, the interpreters usually receive material on which they can prepare.

The various types of interpreting:

Simultaneous translation
Simultaneous interpreting is often used at conventions, congresses or conferences. It is an immediate translation, contemporary to the speaker’s words, which allows real-time reception and understanding of the contents expressed by the speaker. The interpreters are equipped with headphones with microphone and located in soundproof booths. They generally work in pairs and take turns in translating.

Consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting is used at certain conventions, congresses or conferences where immediate translation is not necessary: the interpreter is generally near the speaker and listens to him/her for a short period or for a few sentences, and then reproduces what the speaker has just said for the audience, the translation starts when the speaker stops.

This is the translation between multiple speakers to facilitate their communication and interaction. The interpreter switches from one language to the other, translating the dialogues and ensuring that they understand the contents.

Chuchotage (from the French term chuchoter, to whisper, to speak softly)
This is a simultaneous translation whispered in the ear of the listener in a low voice. It is a technique usually used to assist a few users (2 3 at most).

Remote interpreting
Barbara Cupiti Language Services offers remote interpreting services, carried out virtually through video calls.
This type of service allows you to reduce a series of secondary costs, such as those related to travel, board and lodging.