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Consultancy, collaboration and training in languages, entrepreneurship. Translations. Services for students coming from abroad and for Italians traveling abroad.


The student will learn communication skills living with a local family and experiencing daily life for instance going to the movies, going out to dinner, shopping and meeting friends etc..
Prior to the student’s arrival (in case of under 18), we maintain that the students and their family have contact. We will exchange email, phone numbers and mailing address and even Skype to open up communication between the families.

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Working as a freelance translator with private individuals, companies in import-export, production, marketing, services.

Thanks to this experience and her training, she knows the importance and responsibility of translating or accompanying a company to a meeting with foreign stakeholders. Barbara and her professional and qualified mother tongue colleagues try to understand the subject matter of the order well.


For years we have been experts in organizing trips and study holidays from abroad, contact us to find out how we can be of help.

personalized work

We carry out personalized work concerning the translation of specific texts and the teaching of foreign languagesDiscover


Our goal is to help the student maintain concentration throughout the lessons by combining art, role-playing, business (adults). The overall experience therefore is not only educational it is creative and fun whilst exploring the language and culture of the English language. In addition to the scheduled lessons, the student will be provided with readings.

The areas include:

Reading, listening comprehension

Pronunciation, spelling and dictation

Grammar, writing

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