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Translations for the food industry

The excellent Italian food quality in the world

The commodity sector for which Italy is best known is without a doubt the food industry. Indeed, the history of our country is full of large and small companies appreciated all over the world for the goodness of their products.

Making its products known abroad, the food industry has become more and more global over the years and an almost obligatory step for those who want to develop their company beyond certain limits. Therefore, it is fundamental to have your product catalogue translated by highly specialized professionals.

Furthermore, the high rate of Italian products imitated abroad risks obscuring the original ones, especially if they are not presented to a foreign public in an adequate and effective way. In fact, goods produced abroad often appear on the market as original and typically Italian, when in reality they are very different from the real goods and above all do not have the same goodness as the original ones.

Translations in the food industry are divided into two groups: the more technical ones designed to meet bureaucratic and legislative obligations, and those dedicated to the emotional part of the product … the ones that, in practice, must “make you hungry” or “attract you emotionally” and in some cases even make you feel like your are smelling the scents of products!

Food translations for bureaucratic and legislative obligations

When translating for the food industry, the translator must be familiar with a long series of technical aspects and specific terms. These require certain skills in the field of food translations, as they are very complicated. Furthermore, laws differ from country to country, so having specific expertise in each language is essential. Badly translated labels could result in very high penalties and fines; moreover, this would cause innumerable damages in terms of image.

Emotional food translations

The food industry needs translations that capture the quality of the products, often with terminologies that cannot simply be expressed by a literal translation. We are talking about traditions, processing methods, use of raw materials and their transformation. It is clear that in these cases, a literal translation is not enough, but the translator must understand the meaning of the descriptions and convey it so that even the “emotional” part of the product is perceived by the reader. We must ensure that product descriptions do not lose their effectiveness.

In general, therefore, companies that wish to promote and sell their products abroad also need highly professional translations for the food industry carried out by people with a great deal of experience. It is essential that the translator is familiar with the technical / legislative languages of his or her country and has a high degree of confidence in the terminology of the industry.

Do you work in the food industry? Barbara Cupiti – Studio Servizi Linguistici is a reliable and serious partner for all your translation needs. It can help you translate all the documents and materials needed to promote your products abroad, such as:

  • packaging and labels
  • catalogues
  • brochures
  • datasheets
  • sensory profiles
  • menus
  • recipes
  • websites and e-commerce sites dedicated to the sale of products abroad
  • subtitles for video tutorials
  • any other content relating to the world of food

To guarantee the best translations, Barbara Cupiti – Studio Servizi Linguistici works with a large network of freelance native speakers, specialized in the food industry who will be able to meet your requests on time and with optimal results.